The gaming market is big. Every year hundreds of games are released. Some of them good, others not so much. Each time it’s a challenge to choose what to buy and what is not worth your hard earned cash. Below you can see the games that I would like to try for myself, but I’m not sure I will find the time. At least not until I can quit my job and start playing full time (I wish!).

Witcher 3: The Wild HuntHave not played yet
Divinity: Original Sin 2Finished first chapter. want to play the whole game
Fallout 2Want to relive the good old days
Fallout 3Finished couple of times. Want more
Fallout: New VegasFinished couple of times. Want more
Fallout 4Finished one time (took me almost two years due to limited time). Want the full experience
Sword Art Online: Fatal BulletLoved the anime. Want the single player experience
Pillars of Eternity
Pillars of Eternity II: DeadfireWaiting for release
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Cyberpunk 2077Waiting for release

Jagged Alliance 2Want to relive the good old days
The Guild 3Liked the first two parts. Should be good
They are Billions
Two Point HospitalReimagining of Theme Hospital. Of course I want that
Tropico 6Who wants to be a dictator (again)? 🙂
Heroes of Might and Magic 3Want to finish all campaigns

Star Wars: Battlefront II
Battlefield 4