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Let’s try Frostpunk

20.08.2018 Frostpunk No comments ,

This is my first attempt at surviving the coldopacalypsis. Who knows how it will go..?

Full playlist available on YouTube.


Let’s play RimWorld 1.0 unstable beta

20.08.2018 RimWorld No comments , , , , ,

Let’s try RimWorld 1.0 unstable beta. There are many new features added to the base game and many tweaks in balance. This is unstable build available on Steam, so expect changes to happen between recordings. Possibly even gamebreaking.

Full playlist on YouTube.
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Let’s play Civilization VI: Zulu, deity

13.05.2018 Civilization VI No comments , , , , , , ,

Full playlist on YouTube.

After the recent update my Nubian game is unfortunately unplayable, so I had to start a new one. I decided to go with Zulu for their military talants. Let’s see if Shaka can stand the test of time!


Let’s learn RimWorld

24.04.2018 RimWorld No comments , , , , , ,


I finally decided to try RimWorld. Before that I only saw recordings of other streamers. This is more of a learning experience. And since this is my first game I decided to play Vanilla (no mods).