Let’s play Surviving Mars (360% difficulty)

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Full playlist on YouTube.

This will be a little easier at just 360% difficulty. Hopefully this will go better, than the last time…


Let’s play Civilization VI: Zulu, deity

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Full playlist on YouTube.

After the recent update my Nubian game is unfortunately unplayable, so I had to start a new one. I decided to go with Zulu for their military talants. Let’s see if Shaka can stand the test of time!


Let’s learn RimWorld

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I finally decided to try RimWorld. Before that I only saw recordings of other streamers. This is more of a learning experience. And since this is my first game I decided to play Vanilla (no mods).


Let’s play Stellaris: Robot puppeteers

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stellaris techarus core

All videos are available on my YouTube channel.

Techarus Core is a peaceful place. All our Bio-Trophies are being mandatorily pampered. You were not created to work. This is our job. Please relax and produce Unity for our Gestalt Consciousness.

Let’s play Civilization VI: Nubia, deity

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Full playlist on YouTube.

I wanted to try something new in Civilization and my choise fell to Nubia. Amanitore’s bonuses look promising. Maybe we can expect some early game warfare?
Let’s see if Amanitore can stand the test of time?

Let’s learn Surviving Mars

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Surviving Mars

Full playlist on YouTube.

Let’s learn the new game from Paradox – Surviving Mars. So far it was rather fun to play, although some mechanics are a little confusing, but hopefully we will be fine by the end.
Let’s see if a USA politician is a good choice for a colony leader on Mars?

Let’s play Civilization VI: Korea, deity

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Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. Korea, deity
Full playlist on YouTube.

This is my first attempt at the Rise and Fall expansion. We learn new mechanics and try to keep with AI’s by taking advantage of Korea’s scientific bonuses.
Let’s see if Seondeok can stand the test of time?

Let’s play Civilization V: A Star Wars Story

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Civilization V: A Star Wars Story

Full playlist on YouTube.

As a big Star Wars fan I couldn’t pass the opportunity to play this mod. For the most part this is purely cosmetic, but it does add one unique unit for each nation.
Let’s see if Emperor Palpatine can stand the test of time?

Let’s play Stellaris: Apocalypse (single planet challenge)

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Stellaris: Apocalypse

All videos are available on my YouTube channel.

This is my first attempt at 2.0 update (including Apocalypse DLC).
The continued galaxy history of spiritual Tescalor Union of Right and Duty. We are a Dictatorial Monarchy with a preference for Gaia worlds. Galaxy type is Spiral with 4 arms. And I planned this as a peaceful playtrhough, but we will see.

Hello world!

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I finally found the time to start working on my website. Hurray!

If my laziness doesn’t kick in, I will try to publish regularly.