Civilization VI

Let’s play Civilization VI: Australia, deity

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After a couple of games of Civ 5 I come back to Civ 6 with great expectations due to the CQUI mod being up to date for the latest version.
Let’s see if John Curtin can stand the test of time?


Let’s play Civilization VI: Zulu, deity

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Full playlist on YouTube.

After the recent update my Nubian game is unfortunately unplayable, so I had to start a new one. I decided to go with Zulu for their military talants. Let’s see if Shaka can stand the test of time!


Let’s play Civilization VI: Nubia, deity

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Full playlist on YouTube.

I wanted to try something new in Civilization and my choise fell to Nubia. Amanitore’s bonuses look promising. Maybe we can expect some early game warfare?
Let’s see if Amanitore can stand the test of time?

Let’s play Civilization VI: Korea, deity

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Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. Korea, deity
Full playlist on YouTube.

This is my first attempt at the Rise and Fall expansion. We learn new mechanics and try to keep with AI’s by taking advantage of Korea’s scientific bonuses.
Let’s see if Seondeok can stand the test of time?