Stellaris Tips

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Couple of quick tips for Stellaris.

If you don’t like hotkeys (especially research hotkey missing since some old version), it is easy to get it back. Go to Steam\steamapps\common\Stellaris\common\defines\ or just Stellaris\common\defines\ if you are no on steam. Here you will find 00_defines.txt. Open it with notepad and go to around line 400 (or search for “TOPBAR_BUTTONS_SHORTCUTS”). You will see this text:


Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

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Over the Holiday season I finally had time to play Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. I didn’t enjoy the gameplay as I prefer more classical RPG’s. But I can’t deny that the view is amazing. I even used in-game photo tool to make some screenshots (which I very rarely do). Here I will post these screenshots/photos. If I ever get some more time to play this game I will post even more…

Let’s Play Game Dev Tycoon

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game dev tycoon

After getting a new Android phone, I found out that GDT is released for that. I’ve played it in my free time and decided I want to do series on that. The game is awesome, so I hope you will enjoy it!


Let’s play Civilization VI: Australia, deity

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After a couple of games of Civ 5 I come back to Civ 6 with great expectations due to the CQUI mod being up to date for the latest version.
Let’s see if John Curtin can stand the test of time?


Let’s try Frostpunk

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This is my first attempt at surviving the coldopacalypsis. Who knows how it will go..?

Full playlist available on YouTube.


Let’s play Prison Architect: Imperial Detention Center

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This is an Imperial detention center mod for Prison Architect with only maximum security inmates. Let’s see it burn!

Catch me live on Twitch.

Let’s play RimWorld 1.0 unstable beta

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Let’s try RimWorld 1.0 unstable beta. There are many new features added to the base game and many tweaks in balance. This is unstable build available on Steam, so expect changes to happen between recordings. Possibly even gamebreaking.

Full playlist on YouTube.
Catch me live on Twitch.


Let’s play Civilization V: Venice, Emperor

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After loosing a couple of games on Demigod, I decided to go down a level to Emperor. Need to find my balance. So let’s see if Enrico can stand the test of time!

Full playlistavailable on YouTube.
Catch me live on Twitch.


Let’s play Civilization V: Napoleon, Demigod

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Since Civilization VI became a little too easy, I decided to go back to Civilization V. And this time I decided to play as France, since they just won the World Cup. I also found some new mods. So this game should be interesting.

Full playlist available on YouTube.
Catch me live on Twitch.


Let’s play RimWorld: Fallout

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Full playlist available on YouTube
Catch me live on Twitch

So I’ve been playing RimWorld in my free time for a while now. I must say, this game is very addictive and I enjoy it a lot. So here’s our new adventure in this heavily modded world.